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raindrop procedureIf you’re always misplacing your reading glasses, it may be time to explore other options. Switching between lenses can seriously hinder your daily activities – especially if those activities often involve reading small print. If you struggle with your near sight, you probably would not consider it a viable option to forego eyeglasses altogether. Until recently, you would have been right. Recent advances in eye procedures and technology, however, have enabled Your Eye Specialists to offer the unique Raindrop procedure.

Raindrop Procedure Preparation

The Raindrop procedure treats close vision loss, or presbyopia. Like all elective procedures, it begins with a consultation appointment. If you wear contact lenses, do not wear them for 3-5 days before the consultation. You should also go without your contacts for one week before the actual procedure.

During the consultation appointment, your eye care specialist will ask about your goals for the procedure and determine whether or not you’re a candidate for the Raindrop procedure. A corneal topography will reveal any abnormalities in the front or back of your cornea that may cause complications. They may also measure your cornea to make sure it is thick enough. Lastly, they’ll confirm your prescription to ensure that you have stable eyesight. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to speak up during the consultation appointment. Your doctor will ask questions, and so should you. That’s the best way to prepare for the Raindrop procedure.

Possible Raindrop Procedure Side Effects

The Raindrop procedure has recently received a seal of approval from the FDA. Of course, there are risks associated with any medical procedure. The potential side effects associated with the Raindrop procedure rarely occur; however, it’s still good to be aware of them.

After the Raindrop procedure, you may experience some glare or halos in your vision. You might also feel an irritating sensation, like there’s something in your eye. In reality, there’s nothing there. Occasionally, corneal scarring, swelling, or clouding may occur. In extremely rare cases, patients may experience diminished distance vision and retinal detachment. If you’re worried about any of these side effects, speak with your surgeon before undergoing surgery. Rest assured that the FDA would not have approved the procedure if these risks occurred frequently. Your surgeons know what they’re doing and have a track record of success.

Advantages of the Raindrop Procedure

The Raindrop procedure is designed to improve near vision. Those suffering from near vision loss don’t want to constantly juggle prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses. If you know the frustration of struggling to read a novel or newspaper, this might be the procedure for you.

On average, Raindrop procedure patients saw an improvement in their near vision within just a single week of surgery. They just didn’t need their reading glasses any longer. After two years, the results remained impressive. Most patients could see perfectly well without their reading glasses. In fact, 98% of patients could read the newspaper or their email with no issues. While not all patients experience the same outcome, the advantages of the Raindrop procedure are astonishingly consistent. Speak with your doctor to learn more about how it could work for you.

What is the Raindrop Procedure?

Raindrop Near Vision Inlay is the first inlay designed to change the actual shape of the cornea significantly. By reshaping the eye, the inlay improves near vision. This reduces or eliminates patients’ need for reading eyeglasses. The procedure takes just 10 minutes to complete. Most patients return to their daily lives the following day.

Thanks to recent FDA approval, Raindrop has received a lot of interest in the eyecare industry. The operation is relatively new, though, so everyone has questions. More specifically, everyone wants to know if the procedure works. We’re here to tell you that it does. The Raindrop procedure significantly improves most patients’ eyesight.

Who Should Consider the Raindrop Procedure?

As with any vision surgery, the Raindrop procedure fits some patients better than others. Before we schedule the procedure, Your Eye Specialists will determine whether or not an inlay would be a good choice for you.  We will examine your medical history and current health before moving forward.

Age-related vision loss leaves many reaching for their reading glasses. Anyone who requires eyeglasses for daily tasks, including reading the paper or using a mobile phone, should consider the Raindrop procedure.

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