How Long Do Results Last From LASIK?

When considering LASIK surgery for your eyes, you’re probably wondering how long the results will last. You might ask if it is a long-term solution. Your Eye Specialists is happy to answer your questions.

Results and How Long They Last

It is safe to say that LASIK is a permanent solution to your poor vision problems. This procedure addresses and corrects vision to at least 20/40 if not 20/20. In older age, though, former LASIK patients may experience the need to wear corrective lenses again. However, those lenses will be a significantly diminished prescription than what they used to wear. LASIK is successful, but it would be unrealistic for us to say it creates perfect vision every single time.

Every pair of eyes has its makeup and structure. To consider improving your vision for a long time into the future, pursue LASIK with Your Eye Specialists. 954-452-9922

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