Cataract Surgery FAQs

It is neither rare nor unjustified for patients to have questions and concerns about cataract surgery. With that in mind, we at Your Eye Specialists decided we wanted to be the ultimate educator. Read any of the below questions and click on a link to get the FAQ’s answer.

Frequently Asked Questions: Cataract FAQs

There are three main questions we are regularly asked about cataracts and their surgery.

  1. What is the average age of a cataract surgery patient?
  2. How long does it take to have a cataract removed?
  3. How does a cataract affect your vision?

What are the key benefits of laser cataract surgery?

With today’s advancing technology, an eye doctor can craft a perfect 3D map of your entire eye. This process results in exact, detailed measurements for each inch of your eye, allowing doctors to perform intricate laser surgery without a hitch. Your surgeon will use an incredibly precise laser to create a small opening in the lens capsule where the cataract is located. The laser will make the opening as circular as possible, allowing for the smooth placement of a brand new lens. This same laser can also be used to successfully craft incisions in order to correct astigmatism.

It is important to note that the laser is incredibly gentle. There is very little pain, if any, involved in the procedure. The new laser system softens the cataract and breaks it into many pieces, making the removal process both safer and virtually pain-free.

How is laser cataract surgery different from traditional cataract surgery?

In traditional cataract surgery, surgeons use a handheld blade to make small incisions in the cornea, allowing them to carefully access and extract the cataract. Surgeons aim to make the incisions with their surgical instruments as precise and circular as possible. If the incision is not in the right location, or is not sized correctly, the replacement lens cannot fit into the cornea.

Laser cataract surgery, on the other hand, combines highly-advanced tools with computer software to create a circular opening in order to access and remove the cataract. Studies have shown that laser surgery methods are ten times more accurate than those achieved by hand. Once the circular opening is created, your eye surgeon can use the laser to break up the cataract, and can then remove it gently. Overall, laser cataract surgery is a safer, quicker, and most efficient method to remove a cataract. A quick recovery is on the horizon!

These are legitimate questions with logical answers. If you feel that you have another issue that is not addressed here, reach out to us! We are Your Eye Specialists, and we’re ready to answer any questions you may have. 954-452-9922

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Aventura Eye Specialists

Cataract FAQs
I'm 86 years old, and next year I'm going for my driver's license. I wanted my eyes checked so I could pass the test because they were getting a little bit blurry. I came to Aventura Eye Specialists, and they fixed my eyes so that I don't have to wear glasses. I see perfectly!
- Beverly C

Dr. Vedula best lasik surgery

Cataract FAQs
I came to Dr. Vedula for lasik surgery. I've seen multiple doctors in the area, and I found him to be the best. I had an astigmatism and he assured me that I was able to have it done. He's changed my life forever. I now have 20/20 vision. I wake up in the morning without glasses, and I can go out dancing and to the beach. I highly recommend Dr.
- Stephanie
Cataract FAQs
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