Frequently Asked Questions – Corneal Disease & Treatments

What are the potential complications of corneal disease?

Most corneal diseases are treatable when caught early enough. Typically, the prognosis is good. However, vision loss and chronic eye pain are considered potential complications of corneal disease, so it is crucial that you speak with an eye doctor promptly. Do not wait for symptoms to worsen or for more signs of corneal disease to appear before taking action. The moment you experience pain, clouded vision, or sensitivity to light, make an appointment with Your Eye Specialists.

You will typically have treatment options available. Your doctor will determine which treatment is better suited to your specific condition and needs. If you have questions or concerns regarding corneal disease treatment or its complications, do not hesitate to speak with your doctor. We are here to help and to make you feel at ease, so please be comfortable in asking questions or voicing your concerns.

Is it possible to prevent corneal disease?

Many of today’s corneal diseases are preventable. Doing so requires you to reduce risk factors, though. For example, focusing on optimal eye health, including proper hygiene and scheduling regular vaccinations, is the most efficient method to prevent corneal disease. There are vaccines available to reduce the overall severity and frequency of shingles, which often leads to eye herpes. This form of herpes is known to cause issues with the cornea, ultimately leading to corneal disease.

Furthermore, glasses and sunglasses with ultraviolet blocks can help protect against growths associated with sun exposure, including pterygium and eye surface cancer. It is also crucial to wear safety glasses in work environments to prevent trauma. And lastly, opt for a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids – found in fish – to maintain a healthy tear film, thereby minimizing dry eye symptoms. If you have questions, speak with an experienced eye doctor promptly.

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I came to Dr. Vedula for lasik surgery. I've seen multiple doctors in the area, and I found him to be the best. I had an astigmatism and he assured me that I was able to have it done. He's changed my life forever. I now have 20/20 vision. I wake up in the morning without glasses, and I can go out dancing and to the beach. I highly recommend Dr.
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