Written by yeseyes on February 14th, 2017

Dry Eye & Ocular Allergy Treatment

Dry eyes are one of the single most common eye disorders that occur when your eye does not produce enough tears or the right quality of tear. Tears are useful to the human eye, as they keep your vision healthy and comfortable. Anyone may experience dry eye, though it tends to be more common in older women who have experienced menopause. To combat dry eye, there are a few steps you may take.

Relieving Symptoms

Suffering from dry eye can be an immense challenge for anyone to undertake, but our following tips are straightforward and efficient.

  • Artificial tears – Artificial tears are available without the need for a costly prescription. There are effective brands on the market that you would apply every two hours to lubricate the tear ducts.
  • Air movement – When possible, avoid too much air movement, including fans and hair dryers. These dry your eyes out even further.
  • Warm Compresses – Throwing a warm compress over your eyes and then gently using baby shampoo to wash the eyelids helps the glands to release essential oils, thus improving the tear quality.

Seeking Medical Treatment

If your condition does not improve after taking the necessary steps, your next best choice may be to visit an eye specialist. You shouldn’t have to suffer through dry eye alone and without any respite. While there is no surefire cure for dry eye syndrome, there are methods to manage the symptoms and make life a little easier.

Your doctor may prescribe eye drop medication known as Restasis to stimulate natural tear production. Tear duct plugs are another useful option. Plugs are often used when eye drops are simply not effective.

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