Written by yeseyes on January 23rd, 2017


Around 90% to 95% of people with diabetes suffer from Type 2. Type 2 isn’t quite clear-cut in terms when it comes to managing the illness, unfortunately. The reason for this is mainly due to it being such a progressive condition. When you are first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, health-care professionals may require diet and exercise to help the situation. More appropriately, lifestyle changes are in order.

Healthy Exercises

Exercise is an essential part of combating diabetes, and without it, you may have devastating results with the illness. Exercise is easily the fastest and most powerful method to lower insulin levels and raise leptin resistance.

Many people only exercise using their slow muscle fibers, which causes super-fast fibers to atrophy over time. Neither traditional aerobic cardio nor strength training will help on their own. Short burst aerobic exercises help train the fast fibers of your muscles, which help your body’s growth.

Benefits of such activities include:

  • Lower body fat
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Firm skin and reduced wrinkles
  • Energy boost
  • Improvements to athletic speed and performance
  • Lowered insulin levels
  • Increased leptin resistance

Specific Exercises

Short burst aerobic exercises are proven to burn fat and improve athletic ability, all while increasing diabetes resistance and offering a form of treatment for early stages of the illness. Some important exercises include:

  • 20-Minute Sprint Intervals – By cutting down on long, drawn-out cardio sessions, you can effectively increase your fat-burning and heart-health benefits.
  • Bodyweight Cardio Workouts – These include various stretches and leaps that use your entire body weight to propel yourself forward. Bodyweight workouts are perfect for burning fat.
  • Kettlebell Cardio – A 20-30 minute exercise session with a kettlebell – either swinging or snatching – will work significant portions of your muscles.

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