Written by yeseyes on March 21st, 2017

cornea treatmentThe Raindrop procedure is the world’s first corneal inlay to effectively change the shape of your cornea. This improves vision by offering presbyopia correction. This procedure will help patients who might have perfect long-distance vision but struggle with seeing things close to them. Patients who suffer from reduced eyesight while reading or operating a cell phone, for example, can benefit from the procedure. The outpatient operation can be performed quickly and takes just 10 minutes to complete, with most patients returning to their normal daily routine within 24 hours. Very few eye surgeries offer the same fast turnaround!

Who is Right for the Raindrop Procedure?

Age-related vision loss leaves many patients grasping for their eyeglasses while trying to read. Unfortunately, patients in their 40s and early 50s suffer from loss of near vision more than those in any other age group. This is where the Raindrop procedure steps in. At Your Eye Specialists, we’re proud to announce this procedure for our patients. In fact, we’re the first practice in South Florida to offer the outpatient procedure!

If you struggle with near vision and want to rid yourself of those pesky lenses, consider the Raindrop procedure.

How Effective is it?

Prospective patients naturally want to know how the success rate of any type of vision surgery. Most patients who get a Raindrop corneal inlay notice improved vision within just one week. Their vision continues to improve for several weeks until they don’t even need eyeglasses anymore!

Patients must, however, use eye drops for several months. These eye drops promote healing and comfort following the procedure. In order for the patient’s vision to improve, their eyes must completely heal.

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