Written by yeseyes on December 29th, 2016

floaters eyesFloaters found in the eyes can be a great annoyance to many patients. For some, these shadows can be troublesome and downright annoying irritating. For others, it is a simple matter of just ignoring the floater completely. How do you remove them completely, though?

Floater Causes

Spots in your eyes, often known as floaters, are blurry spots that drift in your eye but do not block out any vision. The blur is a result of random debris from your vitreous casting a shadow over the retina. The debris is nothing more than a deposit of protein.

Most of the time, floaters are caused by aging in the vitreous. As your eyes grow older, the jelly begins to deteriorate and becomes more liquid-like, sagging and pulling from the interior of your eyeball and forming gel clumps. These shadows are the stringy bits of those clumps.

For the most part, floaters are harmless and easily dismissed. However, if a floater pulls at the retina, the detachment may cause blood to leak into the vitreous. This appears as a cluster of small dots and will require immediate attention from your eye specialist.

How to Remove Floaters

Most floaters do not need any form of treatment. They simply disappear on their own. Learning to cope with these small shadows can take time and a bit of frustration, though most will ignore them over time.

Alternatively, an eye doctor may use a laser to break the debris in the vitreous apart, making them smaller and more transparent to the eye. Laser therapy is still experimental, though, and not widely used for treating floaters. Some see a vast improvement after treatment, while others see little difference.

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