Written by yeseyes on May 16th, 2017

lasik recoveryOverall, LASIK eye surgery is an incredibly safe and essential procedure that provides a suitable candidate with clearer vision. Furthermore, patients who undergo LASIK experience an improved quality of life. Despite these reassurances, everyone wants to know about the recovery time. How long is it? What is involved? What must I do?  These questions are not uncommon among LASIK candidates but are easily answered as you’ll see below.

After Surgery

Immediately following the procedure, you may experience a burning or itching in your eye. It could also feel as if something is stuck in your eye. It could be uncomfortable, or in some cases, mildly painful. Your doctor should prescribe a mild pain reliever. Both eyes may by hazy or slightly blurry, and some tears are common. Furthermore, you’ll want to refrain from rubbing your eyes as doing so may harm them.

Within the first 24 to 48 hours after surgery, you’ll want to visit your doctor for a post-operative follow-up appointment. After that, schedule regular appointments for the first six months. After the first visit, your doctor will remove the eye shield, test your vision, and examine both eyes for any irregularities.

Common Recovery Occurrences

Almost everyone experiences burning, discomfort, or light sensitivity during their recovery period. This could range from barely noticeable to troublesome, depending on how your eyes react to the procedure. This discomfort typically lasts for a couple of hours.

You may also experience some redness. It’s entirely normal to have dark red spots around the whites of your eyes for a few days after the procedure, and it may take a few weeks for these spots to disappear completely.

Finally, the use of prescription eye drops or artificial tears is common. Roughly half of all LASIK patients experience dry eyes, which usually lasts a few days.

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