Written by yeseyes on March 20th, 2018

Your cornea is the clear tissue near the front and center of the eye. Being transparent, the cornea permits light to pass through the pupil and to the retina near the back of the eyeball. The cornea is sensitive, though. Corneal disease is a very real threat. Unfortunately, the causes of corneal disease vary greatly. Trying to track the causes is nearly impossible. Understanding what puts you at risk can help, though.

Causes of Corneal Disease

As we mentioned previously, the causes of corneal disease are varied. The causes typically include hereditary causes, infection, trauma, autoimmune disorders, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, growths, tumors, and many others.

Furthermore, common risk factors vary depending on your personal circumstances. Some may be modified, including inherited genetic conditions. Others are avoidable, such as limiting exposure to various trauma or infection.

For many, prompt treatment during the initial stages of corneal disease helps minimize severity and long-term complications.

Symptoms of Corneal Disease

Early symptoms of corneal disease may include redness surrounding the cornea and/or cloudiness. Symptoms often include:

  • Visual impairment, including blurry or cloudy vision
  • Severe eye pain
  • Tearing
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Some patients may experience additional symptoms, including headache, nausea, and fatigue

Blurred vision, one of the most common symptoms of corneal disease, may often be the result of an irregular tear layer, scarring, cataracts, or swelling of the cornea.
Furthermore, pain and light sensitivity can vary in severity. Some individuals may experience intense pain, especially in conditions that affect the outermost layer of the cornea. If you experience such pain, immediately phone your optometrist for an appointment. The sooner we can diagnose corneal disease, the sooner we may begin a treatment plan that fits your needs and lifestyle.

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