Written by yeseyes on May 16th, 2017

Cornea Treatment

At one point in time, LASIK was so new that the procedure was performed on just a single eye at a time. Recent advances in the technology, however, allow eye care specialists to perform the operation on both eyes at once. Despite this momentous change, many patients still wonder whether they can receive laser eye surgery in just a single eye, and the answer is yes!

How Our Eyes Function

To achieve clear vision, the cornea and lens must refract and bend light rays, then focus them on the retina in the rear of the eye. The retina will then send these very same light rays to the brain as impulses, which the brain interprets as images. If the light rays cannot focus on the retina properly, then blurry vision or refractive errors occur. LASIK can correct these issues to provide clearer vision.

LASIK in One Eye

As we said, it is entirely possible to receive LASIK surgery in just a single eye. In fact, there are many reasons why patients choose to do so, including:

  • Visual Disorders – The main reason for LASIK in a single eye is due to a refractive error, such as anisometropia (lazy eye). Refractive errors are caused by various conditions that may be corrected using laser eye surgery; such as those who are nearsighted or have astigmatism in just one eye.
  • Patient’s Request – In some cases, the patient may request to have LASIK in one eye at a time, usually option for their “bad” eye first. The reason for this is because many patients are curious about the benefits and visual improvements from LASIK.

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