Written by yeseyes on June 7th, 2017

LASIK is currently one of the most popular forms of laser eye surgery in the United States. Unfortunately, a lot of misinformation about the procedure causes patients around the country to be wary of the surgery. The reality is that LASIK is an extremely safe procedure with a high success rate. In fact, the success rate is simply outstanding. Furthermore, the operation doesn’t take much time – around 15 minutes per eye!

Common Myths

If you have ever considered undergoing LASIK to improve your vision, you may be confused about all the claims being made about this procedure. Don’t fall victim to the myths that circulate online. Websites, forums, and even specific individuals work tirelessly to discredit laser eye surgery. To them, it seems dangerous and unnatural. In reality, LASIK is completely safe and efficient. Many people have heard some versions of the following (untrue) claims:  

  • Myth: Age Matters – You may have heard there is an age restriction for LASIK. The only restriction eye specialists put on the procedure is that patients must be at least 18. There is no upper age limit in place. Plenty of older individuals have healthy eyes and are excellent candidates for the operation.
  • Myth: The Procedure Has Uncertain Long-term Side Effects – LASIK has been performed for over 25 years with an incredible success rate. Long-term studies have shown positive results as well. Furthermore, LASIK technology has advanced, meaning there are few complications involved than ever before.
  • Myth: LASIK is Painful – This is simply not true. In reality, LASIK is a pain-free treatment. Your specialist will use numbing eye drops to limit the discomfort felt during the operation. At most, you may experience a bit of pressure. Everyone is surprised at how quick and painless the procedure is.
  • Myth: Permanent Blindness is a Possibility – This one can be thrown straight out the window. There is not a single recorded instance of a LASIK patient losing their eyesight entirely due to the procedure. Any slight complications are rare, often subsiding over time.
  • Myth: LASIK is Overly Expensive – The cost associated with the LASIK procedure has been steadily declining over the years. As the technology improves, the treatment has become more commonplace. Vision insurance today typically covers the process.

The Reality of LASIK

The LASIK procedure today plays a vital role in curing numerous vision-related problems. The reality is that LASIK is entirely safe and has a high rate of success. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, which means you won’t spend a day or two in a hospital bed. The operation takes just 15 minutes per eye, on average, and most patients enjoy 20/20 vision afterwards. Most even claim to experience vision improvements immediately after the procedure.

Millions of people today rely on eyeglasses and contact lenses every single day to simply see where they’re going. LASIK has never been more achievable. In fact, the cost of the procedure has been steadily declining over the years. More and more people today are pitching their glasses and opting for LASIK.

The Real Cost

Most patients considering LASIK surgery focus on the cost of the procedure. This is completely understandable. Unfortunately, there is more misinformation about the cost of LASIK online than about anything else. That being said, it’s difficult for us to give a specific price prediction. The total cost of any procedure will vary, depending on the patient, the work required, and the region in which the operation is performed.

On average, the cost for LASIK is $2,077 per eye. This is lower than the price in 2014, which was $2,118 per eye. Once again, this is simply an average. The actual cost may change depending on the technology used and the amount of refractive correction required. As the technology steadily advances, prices will continue to lower. We want LASIK surgery to be as affordable as possible.

We highly recommend asking your eye specialists questions — about cost or anything else — during the consultation period. There is no such thing as a stupid question, so feel free to ask about any myths you’ve heard.

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