Written by yeseyes on April 18th, 2017

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As we age, certain changes begin to become more noticeable. Our eyes, for instance, are one of the first organs to start showing their age. Dulled vision, cataracts, extensive eye floaters, and more can make life a tad bit more difficult. What are eye floaters? Eye floaters are the dark specks that occur between our lines of vision and float seamlessly around the eye each time you move them. They can happen at any age, though are more commonly found in older individuals. Curing them is another matter altogether.

Massage Your Temples

Gently massaging your temples is a perfect way to remove eye floaters. This reduces stress levels, which prevents eye floaters in the first place.


By focusing your vision on a single object, you can relax your vision. Train your eyes to concentrate on any given object, then bring it close, then move it away. Repeat this process to bring some relief to your eyes.

Eye Exercises

Yes, eye exercises are a real thing, and they do work. First off, roll your eyes clockwise, repeating the action ten times in a row, then the same counterclockwise.

Drink Water

Our bodies require water to function properly. The eyes are no different. Drinking water can rid your body and eyes of nasty toxins.


By eating foods high in anti-oxidants, you’re effectively bringing the right nutrients and energy into your body. This improves your eye health significantly.


During particularly bright days, wearing sunglasses outside can prevent harmful sun rays from hurting your eyes. Doing so reduces direct exposure and makes eye floaters less apparent.

Cut Out Alcohol and Coffee

Removing alcohol and coffee from your diet can seem like an impossible task, but it’s necessary for your eye health. Both have adverse effects on the eyes.

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