Written by yeseyes on January 24th, 2018

Parents often wonder when they should schedule the first eye exam for their children. You’re certainly not alone if you have ever wondered about this. It is a common question. First and foremost, your child should undergo an eye exam shortly after birth, before beginning school – around age three or four – and throughout the school years as necessary. Eyesight is important, so please do not forgo exams.


Scheduling an eye exam before your child begins the school year is all about convenience. Your child will begin the new year with an improved eye prescription, and then yearly exams can be scheduled around the same time each year.

Learning Challenges Averted

Many learning challenges are due to vision-related issues. Children may not realize their lack of pristine eyesight is preventing them from achieving academic success. If your child is having trouble seeing the board or reading their assigned texts, an updated prescription may resolve many issues.


Children who cannot see as well as their classmates may experience a lack of confidence. They avoid reading aloud or standing apart from everyone else. An eye exam, and new glasses, can help boost confidence drastically.

Back-to-School Fashion

Speaking of new glasses, treat new prescription eyeglasses as a back-to-school fashion accessory. Glasses may help your child see better, but they can also accentuate an outfit quite well, too.

Screen Time

Most children spend time staring at a screen – playing video games or watching television. Over time, those screens may cause vision issues. Spending too much time staring at a screen often has a negative effect on their eyesight. While perhaps not easily avoidable considering our reliance on technology, it is possible to treat the potential side effects of too much screen time.

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